Oct. 29th, 2014

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Hi! I'm a dreadful person and neglected to actually include any optional details in my sign-up before closing time, so hopefully you've found this letter and don't mind getting only the longer-winded version. Probably this is where I should note--with extra emphasis this year--that everything I put down here amounts to no more than a wild suggestion. Thank you in advance for the gift!

As far as overall preferences go, I'm a pretty eclectic reader, and if you're into it I probably will be too. I like humor? Most of the fandoms I'm requesting this year have canons that I think of as very funny, on a level that's hard to disentangle from the content; therefore I will appreciate anything you include by way of either canon-esque jokes or your own personal comedic spin. On the other hand, if you'd rather exploit the differences in medium and take your fic down a more introspective or dramatic route than the tonal parameters of anime/Disney cartoons/Susanna Clarke's footnotes permit, I'd be down for that, too.

Okay, turning to individual fandoms:

Ghost Trick, Fate/Zero, Madoka, JSMN, and Gravity Falls )

And that's it for my input. Thank you again for taking the time out to do this; I really look forward to reading your fic.


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