Date: 2013-06-02 01:12 am (UTC)
nextian: Yankumi from Gokusen is happy and in color. (yankumsquee)
From: [personal profile] nextian
That's a good point about fairytale retelling, gosh. The reversal-of-power-while-maintaining-power is so importantly bad and evident in the aesthetic, and I hadn't really remarked it at all.

Gogol can we still be friends if I admit that I still love Julia/Cantrip/Ragwort... I think the threesome was Franzi's idea in #yuletide so it was very pervasive. Did you see [personal profile] lionpyh requested it for Yuletide years back? but honestly my emotions on it are just like "well they've all clearly had or going to have sex so why don't they continue all having sex in whatever permutation you feel like portraying". All of them. Hilary mostly as absolutely unrepentantly, hugely dishonestly narrating their own voyeurism. Selena/Julia really is an untapped well though, I don't understand how that's possible considering the amount of time Julia spends being heterosexually undressed by maids and politely agreeing to pay court to American mystics and the amount Selena sighs over those sections of the letters.

I think my favorite Julia moment, of all of the Julia moments, was when she vanished in... I think the second book? and reappeared like, a day later, "irrevocably" late for the conference, secure in her shining belief that a message to the temporary typist would in any way work as a third-hand wakeup call. I just. Julia. Come to my arms.
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