Date: 2013-06-02 01:39 am (UTC)
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YES WE CAN STILL BE FRIENDS, YOU JERK. No. I'm kidding. We can't. I admittedly read the sentence Hilary mostly as absolutely unrepentantly, hugely dishonestly narrating their own voyeurism and felt a little pang of interest myself, but that doesn't mean I'm about to forgive you for shipping the thing. You're on my list, even though I myself think Julia/Ragwort is really great and Julia/Cantrip is, like, cute in a post-mortem kind of way, I just want them to heroically defend one another's libidos without actually experiencing them ever again. But no, even lionpyh's vision of Selena stopping by to straighten Ragwort's lapels and dab make-up on his hickeys does not persuade me that they should all happen at once!! … Ugh I want dishonest Hilary voyeurism so much though, for any ship. All of the ships. The end.

Also that moment is amazing? Especially since it's just like, Selena and Hilary and co. troop into the room, stare at Julia lying on the bed in her undergarments, and to their silent query she says: "yes, I left a note with the typist, what do you mean that isn't how you found me?" Julia. Really I love that whole scene, like, THEN THEY GO AND HIDE ON THE BALCONY FROM AN INFINITY OF AUNTS. What a horrible crime-solving crew.
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