Oct. 13th, 2013

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omfg I'm so late on this; my apologies if you, whoever you are, have already followed this link and found it vacant. But thank you! for offering one of my fandoms, for having committed yourself to be my mind slave in this one task over the next couple of months, etc. Nothing I write here should be taken as more than a vague proposal to be added to the primordial fic-soup: I like throwing ideas out, but I will be delighted with whatever story you choose to tell.

Some narrative elements I have historically enjoyed include jokes of all kinds, the power of friendship as an efficacious if not always positive force in the world, extended flights of introspection, rough sex, weird scenery, characters thinking about their loved ones in less than flattering terms, dreamy mind control, moments of humor in somber scenes, moments of melancholy in the midst of glib good cheer, and pirates. There's not much I would strongly urge you to avoid, although I would appreciate it if you skipped any lengthy and accurate conversations about feelings or relationships--as noted above, I'm happy to see the characters meditate on their emotional connection to others and their personal struggles, but, well. Talking about your issues. Who does that?? Probably a lot of people. Nevertheless. In the same vein, if you do end up writing porn for me, I'd prefer that the focus not be on negotiating kinks and safety and the like, unless you think it's absolutely necessary for the characters (and kinks) involved.

And that's it for the general info, I think. On to the fandoms!

Aubrey-Maturin, Oxford Time Travel, Hilary Tamar, and JSAMN )

That's all I got. Take inspiration from or ignore these scattered directives at your leisure, and, please, have fun with satisfying my wildest desires. <3


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