Feb. 23rd, 2013

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I celebrated reaching the halfway point in my readthrough of the Aubrey-Maturin novels by watching the movie--okay, no, that's a lie, I loaded up the movie two weeks ago and then forced myself to wait until I'd actually gotten to the book it was based on before playing it. Scruples were pretty much unnecessary; the plot bore only a family resemblance, and there certainly weren't any spoilers as such. But at least I'm proceeding symmetrically.

It was a fun movie. Not what I was expecting, at all, despite having been told about the Discovery channel documentary interlude in advance: it's interested in a lot of the same territory as the books, but it really distributes its weight differently. cut for detail and longwindedness )

On the other hand, O'Brian definitely flirts with similar questions about patriotism and violence without ever committing himself too hard on a material critique, and gets away with it just because he has so much other stuff going on that he can, for example, bring up Stephen's mutinous heart again and again without it putting unreasonable strain on his and Jack's friendship or the reader's patience. Because they're busy adults, with lots of representational pudding on their plates, and an enemy whose flaws are much more evident when conveyed through thousands of pages of intricate historical fiction than through a title card about Napoleon, Master of Europe. Maybe… what I'm really saying here… is that I wish there were more movies. :( Maybe I just want every series I like to go on for way too long and then end with a terrible lack of resolution, more adventures implied to come. Is that so much to ask?? Yes. Yes, it is.


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